Sunday, October 22, 2000

There is really nothing to do or to see in TulĂ©ar, except the Pousee-Pousse’s, small carts town by people who need money, carrying people who have money. I fled into the vazaha-hangout of Ifaty to spend a couple of calm days at the beach before my trip ends.

It is obvious here, the vazahas have the money and the Malagasy are the workers (which includes the girls hanging out with the vazahas). It is not, however, clear to me how the Malagasy feel about this situation (do they feel they are being exploited?). For sure, the tourists bring a lot of money into this village but, at the same time, very few of them are really interested in Malagasy culture and traditions. Even the food is very European here (except that fish is cheaper than meat). I don’t know if all of this is good or not but I know that it’s not my style of vacation. Tomorrow, I’ll be out of here.