Final Thoughts

Thursday, October 26, 2000

I’m finally on my way home. In fact, I haven’t been more overwhelmed by a trip in the last two years than by this one. The first week was hard in that I had to get used to this huge difference between Germany/Canada and Madagascar, a Third World country where life is so different from the Western world. But once I was going with the flow, I started to learn about the secrets and the beauty this country has to offer. Plus, I went back to the roots, to where I and my ancestors come from. I believe a trip like this is not for everybody. I have met people who had a hard time here because they are used to trips that are well organized (I’m not sure if the word “organized” exists in the Malagasy language). Those seeking surprises and the adventure will love it. It’s like a ride on a rollercoaster. You embark, not knowing what you are going to go through. First, you scream. Then you start to love it. When you get off, you know it was an awesome experience and that you’ll do it again some time. Two thumbs up!

Benefits: It was good as an attempt to travel alone in a different world. It also improved my French a lot parce qu’I got to speak quite a bit - and also some of my Malagasy. I got quite a tan which, I’m sure, will disappear in two weeks given that we’re in the middle of fall on the Northern hemisphere. Travelling, to me, is the most valuable thing you can spend your money on. Why? Because no matter what happens, your memories will remain forever.