Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It hit me because I was stupid. Our driver Vonjy, my brother, and I went to a night club in Majunga. It was nice. Malagsy people dancing to Malagasy rhythms. The occasional Vazaha inbetween (naturally accompanied by model-like local girls). We had some fun dancing there and I thought I’d order a long drink. It came with ice cubes and it was there that I didn’t think properly. Ice cubes are of course made of tap water. Even such a small amount is unforgiving. So I spent the next two days eating, with the food going right through to the toilet. Thank god there is Tannacomp which contained the problem to those two days. I’m back on track now and after a 10 hour drive, we’re back in Tana preparing for our next trip which will lead us to the East coast.